Texas Colorado River Floodplain Coalition

A partnership of cities and counties in the Colorado River basin seeking ways to reduce and mitigate flood damage. The Coalition was formed in response to a combination of rapid growth, an expanded number of homes and businesses in the floodplain and devastating floods that have reoccurred in the basin.


TCRFC Member Benefits

Training, Education and Technical Assistance

To provide assistance to local floodplain management programs, including an education program for locally elected officials, regulated community and the general public.

FMP Assessment Guidance Manual

Containing recommended floodplain development permitting criteria, flood damage mitigation measures, common assessment methodologies, common application forms that are consistent with with NFIP requirements and more....

Collaborative Atmosphere

Network of communities with varying resources, knowledge and skill sets. TCRFC fosters sharing of these resources and provides a collaborative atmosphere for representatives from member communities.

Mapping Assistance

Organizational input to the Multi-year Flood Hazard Identification Plan on behalf of all TCRFC members, including advocacy for better data and maps for each county.

Essential Services

TCRFC Accomplishments

  • Secured over $10 million in federal appropriations to the USACE Lower Colorado River Basin Study to date and actively supported the introduction; Passage of SB 1436 in the 80th Texas Legislature, which directed $6.1 million to enhance floodplain management authority in Texas.
  • Awarded more than $1 million in federal grants for development of updated DFIRMs and hazard mitigation planning; Received FEMA approval the 2011 Hazard Mitigation Action Plan for 61 communities, creating a Disaster-Resistant Lower Colorado River Basin; Working with TWDB and FEMA to address the collected met map needs through the Cooperating Technical Partner with TWDB; Awarded $700,000 from FEMA for the Year One Mapping Activity Statement.
  • Supported several member applications for TWDB Flood Protection Planning Grants, resulting in approximately $1.8 million awarded to study local flooding issues.‚Äč
  • Supported FEMA's Map Modernization program that generated new DFIRM's for six of the TCRFC counties; Supported LCRA, CAPCOG, and the TWDB to acquire LiDAR for all or portions within all of the TCRFC counties; and Completed a Map Needs Assessment to collect and rank unmet map needs from member communities throughout the basin.