A Steering Committee was formed at Summit I with members representing local governments throughout the basin. The committee’s goal was to develop a proposal for a regional approach to floodplain management, which was to be presented at the second Summit in the summer of 2000.

Early issues identified by the Committee centered on the lack of consistent floodplain management due to several missing ingredients in the basin.  The basin was missing:

  • adequate floodplain development criteria,
  • standardized development permitting system,
  • effective enforcement of local regulations,
  • current and accurate floodplain maps, and
  • coordination between communities.

Participants at the Summit volunteered to serve on the Steering Committee.  Members represented communities dispersed throughout the geographic extent of the basin and communities that have diverse populations throughout the basin. The initial members of the Committee were:

  • Dave Coombs, Private Sector, Bastrop Co.
  • Kathy Davidson, Floodplain Administrator, Llano Co.
  • Sue Heumann, Management Analyst-Watershed Dept., City of Austin
  • The Honorable Ed Lilley, County Judge, Lampasas Co.
  • The Honorable Domingo Montalvo, Jr., Councilmember, City of Wharton, Committee Chair
  • Stacey Scheffel, Floodplain Administrator, Travis Co.
  • The Honorable Joel Williams, Mayor, City of Wharton
  • Danny Zitterich, Floodplain Administrator, Fayette Co.

Other participants who worked with the Committee were Wes Birdwell, River Operations, Manager, LCRA; Randy Weatherspoon, City Engineer, City of Wharton; Steve Manilla, Travis County; George Oswald, Director of Watershed Dept., City of Austin; John McLeod, Project Manager, LCRA; as well as other support staff from LCRA and professional consultants.

The Steering Committee met four times after its inception in September 1999. The Committee met to consider the issues raised in the first Summit and to construct a proposal for the most appropriate regional floodplain management approach for the lower Colorado River basin. These issues included:

  • technical assistance,
  • training,
  • emergency management, and
  • funding needs and legislative needs.

In April 2000, members of the Steering Committee and LCRA staff visited the Dallas-Fort Worth region to learn more about the Trinity River Common Vision program, a regional multi-objective floodplain management program.