TCRFC Acquired FEMA Funding for Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

The Texas Colorado River Floodplain Coalition (TCRFC) Board of Directors, after hiring Jeff Ward and Associates (teaming with Halff Associates), has acquired funding from FEMA for our members for their Hazard Mitigation Plan Update. It is a 75/25 matching grant. Working with our members and our contractor, we plan to cover as much of the 25% match as we can with “in-kind” charges.

Jeff has estimated the cash (out of pocket) cost will be about $2000 per member. FEMA’sestimated cost to update is around $67,000. So, even with some in-kind and cash, it will still be a huge savings. All entities must have a five year update to qualify for NFIP and disaster declarations.

Some of our members have already sent the $2000 to TCRFC to get the expense in this year’sbudget. I was hoping there would be no cash expense to our members, but with the changes in how to do the update according to FEMA, it looks like the $2000 will be part of it. We will have more news later.

The Texas Colorado River Floodplain Coalition (TCRFC) is a partnership of 48 cities and 17 counties in the Colorado River basin and surrounding areas seeking better ways to reduce and mitigate flood damage. The coalition provides a forum for leaders of communities in the lower Colorado River basin to network on flood issues and to coordinate and improve the effectiveness of their floodplain management programs. TCRFC provides administrative and technical support to the coalition members.

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